Death is a matter for us all, is something we often point out in the DöBra Research program. Now we are mourning our loss, together as a group and as individuals.

Our close friend and dear colleague Olav Lindqvist died suddenly from a sudden cardiac event on March 16 2018. Olav initiated and led the DöBra Program with Carol Tishelman.

We remain bereft—pained by the loss of Olav who was a self-evident and central part of all we have done in DöBra.

Photo: Jezzica Sunmo

Olav wrote a column on grief and about the losses we live with in everyday life, in an issue of the Swedish Palliative Care periodical (spring 2017). The column, which gives a sense of who Olav was, can be found on our Swedish website together with selected writings and presentations by Olav in Swedish and in English.

We are starting a memory wall on our website, which will be active by the end of November, to commemorate Olav and others who have touched our lives. Welcome to add to it.