The DöBra cards can be used as a tool to help reflect over and talk about what is important to me at the end of life?

The DöBra cards consist of  37 cards with a printed statement about something that may be important in the end-of- life, for example: “To be free from pain”, “To have my financial affairs in order”, or “To have those I am close to around me”. You can also use ‘wild cards’ to add your own alternatives, if something important to you is not on the printed statements. The card game can be helpful to stimulate reflection and conversation with others, such as close relatives or caregivers on what aspects of the end-of-life might be important to you.

The card game, developed by Coda Alliance, a non-profit organization in the United States, has been translated and adapted to Swedish with permission. This has been done by the project group for one of the DöBra projects, called Advance Care Planning in Sweden (Swe-ACP), which refers to considering end-of-life values and preferences early on, before confronted with these issues. The card game is used for research purposes in both this project and in the project Death and dying in elder care.

Due to a large number of people requesting a copy of the DöBra cards,  outside the research program, we developed a version of the DöBra cards for the general public in collaboration with Volante, a publishing company.  It is now available for purchase through Volante, online book companies, and some bookstores. The DöBra program does not receive any profit from these sales.

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