In addition to the researchers directly employed by the DöBra research program, there are also a number of other researchers and individuals who are important partners in our various projects. These partners have different backgrounds and competencies, and contribute to the interdisciplinary approach of DöBra:

The following people have a close partnership with the DöBra program (more people to be added):



Bo-WesterlundBo Westerlund

Bo Westerlund is a design researcher and senior professor at Konstfack with responsibility for the doctoral program Art, Technology and Design (KTD). He is primarily interested in design processes in which people with different backgrounds and experiences create knowledge and solutions together for meaningful future use (participatory design). This is the focus of what he is interested in exploring and contributing with in the project Space and place for care at the end of life.


Heather-RichardsonHeather Richardson

Heather Richardson works as one of the Joint CEOs of St Christopher’s Hospice, London. Heather is a registered general and mental health nurse and has worked in hospice/palliative care since 1988. She has a PhD, her research concerned with users’ experience of day hospice. More recently she has developed a research interest around public health and end of life care. She currently serves as an honorary professor in palliative care at Lancaster University.


Joachim-CohenJoachim Cohen

Joachim Cohen is a social health scientist and a professor of the End-of-Life Care Research Group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Ghent University, where he is chairing a research program on public health and palliative care. He has been internationally recognized and awarded distinguished prizes for his large-scale population-based and population-level cross-national research on end-of-life care. Joachim is a collaborator in the DöBra-project Death and Dying in Elder Care.


Krister-StoorKelly Macarow

Associate Professor Keely Macarow is the Coordinator of Creative Care, School of Art, RMIT University, Melbourne. Keely has worked with artists, designers, social scientists, housing activists, medical and engineering researchers to explore how art and design interventions and thinking can be applied to healthcare as well as to political and housing settings. Keely works with researchers from KI and the University of the Arts Stockholm and Konstfack within the DöBra projects Space and Place in End-of-Life Care and Co-design for better experiences in end-of-life settings.


Krister-StoorKrister Stoor

Krister Stoor is an associate professor at the Department of Language Studies / Sámi Dutan at Umeå University. Krister comes from Kiruna in northern Sweden and was raised in a Sami environment. His research is on yolk as narrative, indigenous methodologies and intagible cultural heritage. Many of the stories are about the end of life, and life after death. In the DöBra program, Krister is Lena Kroik’s co-supervisor in the research project Samis and care at the end of life.


Lars-ErikssonLars E Eriksson

Lars E Eriksson is Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor in Care Sciences, and Head of the Division of Innovative Care Research at LIME, Karolinska Institutet. Lars also holds a part-time position as a Reader in Nursing at the School of Health Sciences at City, Division of Nursing, University of London. Lars has extensive experience in translational research related to living with chronic or long-term illness. He is a collaborator in the DöBra-project Death and Dying in Elder Care.


Rebecca-HiltonRebecca Hilton

Rebecca Hilton is an artist and researcher from Australia working in the field of dance. She is a professor of choreography in the profile area SITE EVENT ENCOUNTER at the Research Centre, Stockholm University of the Arts. She joined DöBra in 2017 as part of the Space and place in end-of-life care project. She has initiated the residency project Pa Plats at Malarbacken Elder Care Centre.


Sally-PaulSally Paul

Sally Paul is a university lecturer in the School of Social Work and Social Policy at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. Prior to this she worked for 8 years as a palliative care social worker. Her current research focuses on bereavement, loss and end-of-life care with a particular emphasis on developing the resilience of communities to better cope with, and support, related experiences.