On this page, you can find information about those people who are employed in the DöBra research program. The group is mainly composed of researchers, at the Division of Innovative Care Research, which is part of the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management, and Ethics (LIME) at Karolinska Institutet (KI), and/or linked to the Department of Nursing, Umeå University. In addition to carrying out research, we also focus on how its impact can be increased. We therefore make efforts to use innovative ways of integrating stringent research into sustainable change processes.

The various projects within the DöBra research program are carried out in collaboration with a number of individuals and organizations. These are presented in the side menu, as well as in the descriptions of each individual project.

The following people are employed within the DöBra program:



Anneli-StranzAnneli Stranz

Anneli Stranz has a PhD in social work, and conducts research at Stockholm University about elderly people and their care – primarily with a social, organizational, comparative and feminist perspective. A key focus of her research is on what conditions caregivers need in order to provide good care and quality of life for elderly people. Anneli has been an affiliated researcher at the Division of Innovative Care and participates in the project Space and place in end-of-life care since 2017.


Carol-TishelmanCarol Tishelman

Carol leads the research program DöBra which she initiated with Olav Lindqvist. She grew up in the Bronx, New York, and received her education as a registered nurse from the University of Pennsylvania, USA. Carol has lived in Sweden most of her adult life and has worked at KI since the mid-1980s. She promoted to Full Professor in nursing in 2006 at KI, and has been at the department LIME since 2007. Carol instituted a research group in Innovative Care Research through her Endowed chair as Professor of Innovative Care, funded by Investor AB, and now co-leads the group, which has now grown to a Division, with Assoc. Prof. Lars Eriksson.


Ida-GoliathIda Goliath

Ida is a registered nurse and PhD at LIME at KI. She has recently received a research fellow position from the Strategic Research Area, Health Care Science (SFO-V) at KI, and research grant funding from Formas to lead the project Space and place in end-of-life care. She also runs the Death and dying in elder care project, together with a number of other people.


Lena-KroikLena Kroik

Lena is a registered nurse, a district nurse, and has a company working with reindeer. She works at the Glesbygdsmedicinsk Center in Storuman, and was a PhD student at Umeå University with the research project Samis and care at the end-of-life. She successfully defended her PhD in 2021. Data collection was done using indigenous research methodology, whereby research was collected together with Sami in Sweden and Norway, within the environment that they live and work.


Malin-HenrikssonMalin Eneslätt (formerly Henriksson)

Malin is a registered nurse and was a doctoral student at LIME and at the Research School in Health Care Sciences at KI. She defended her PhD successfully in 2021. She grew up in Norrbotten, where she has returned to live in the city of Luleå after a few years in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Hanoi, Vietnam. Malin’s PhD student project Advance Care Planning in Sweden (SWE-ACP) aimed to investigate initiation of early conversations about preferences for future care at the end of life.


Max-KleijbergMax Kleijberg

Max is a designer and was a doctoral student at LIME at KI. He successfully defended his PhD in 2021. In his PhD project Studio DöBra, Max worked with various organizations and groups to develop places where children and elderly people can meet and work together on the theme of death and loss through various art projects. Max grew up in the Netherlands. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and a masters in Experience Design from Konstfack, Sweden. He has previous experience in working with innovation and social entrepreneurship projects in interdisciplinary groups.


Olav-LindqvistOlav Lindqvist

Olav Lindqvist died suddenly on March 16, 2018. Olav initiated and ran the DöBra research program together with Carol Tishelman. Olav held a PhD and was a senior lecturer at the Department of Nursing, Umeå University, and active as a researcher at LIME at KI. He was the project manager for the Swe-ACP project and main supervisor of DöBra doctoral students Lena Kroik and Malin Henriksson. We are continuing the important work that Olav began.


Sophia-SavageSophia Savage

Sophia is the project manager for the DöBra program. She is responsible for the dissemination, development and implementation of innovations arising from the research conducted at the division of Innovative Care Research. Sophia grew up in Boston, USA, and has a background in neuroscience with a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College in California, USA, and a PhD at KI. She is also a clinical innovation fellow at the Center for Technology in Health and Medicine at KTH and is driven to bring together social innovation, entrepreneurship, life science, and health sciences.


Therese-JohanssonTherese Johansson

Therese is a PhD student at LIME at KI. Her doctoral project is a part of Death and dying in elder careThe purpose of the project, which is conducted in collaboration with Stockholm Elder Care Bureau, is to learn about the healthcare professionals’ experiences of end-of-life care in residential care homes. She has also worked with data collection in the project called Swe-ACP. Therese studied in the United Kingdom and holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Stirling, and a Master of Applied Forensic Psychology from the University of York.


Åsa Olsson

Åsa is a registered nurse, a specialist nurse in elderly care and a doctoral student at LIME at KI. She grew up in the north of Sweden, in Västerbotten but has now lived longer in Stockholm.  Åsa has several years of experience of clinical work as a nurse in elderly care in the City of Stockholm and her PhD student project  Death and dying in elderly care – Implementation of Proactive End-of-life Conversations in Residential Care Homes builds on and expands an ongoing research project within the DöBra-research group. Her doctoral education takes place within her employment at Stockholm City district and Enskede-Årsta-Vantör.